10 Questions & Answers about NDHU’s CSIE here

10 Questions & Answers about NDHU’s CSIE here


1. My child does not have any basic computer knowledge and never learns how to program. Is this department suitable for him?


No worries! Actually, most freshmen of information engineering or information science department do not have related knowledge of computer programming in the beginning. We know well that many new students would feel anxious about programming because it is a completely new area to them. Therefore, we choose the best and the most experienced teachers to teach this subject. Unlike other universities, such as NTU, NTHU, NCTU, or NCKU, putting 50+, 60+, even over 100 students in the same class with only one teacher, here in our department, we divide our freshmen into two smaller classes.  Each class has around 30 students and been taking care by a full-time professor.  In addition, each professor has 4 to 5 teaching assistants to support and optimize students’ learning results.

Computer programming is the core competency of the CSIE department’s students.  We require our students to develop solid programming ability before they graduate. To enhance students’ programming abilities, every week we schedule 3-hour compulsory programming practicum tutored by teaching assistants to help students really incorporate what they learn in the class into real programming products.  Students are frequently given programming tasks in many other classes for more challenges and practices.

To increase students’ interests in programming, the department holds Programming Design Competitions every year. Students are free to team up with their schoolmates or friends to sign up the competition. Top performers are well rewarded.  Such activities benefit students’ programming abilities, their corporations with others, and their courage to exchange opinions with other competitors.

Also to mention that our junior year (3rd year) students are required to take a year-long course called “Independent Study”.  Imitating as a graduate-level class, students need to decide their study topics, join research labs, and conduct in-depth researches in groups for 1 year. All research teams will then showcase their results in our Annual Project Expo.  All students are asked to present and to demonstrate their research results in front of judges, who are the experts and the scholars invited from outside of school, and given scores. Of course, winners are awarded with prizes.  Based on these solid training, and their outstanding research results, many of our graduating students are accepted into first-tier universities to continue their graduate studies or into professional companies.

We believe that, by following teachers’ guidance and instructions along the way, our department’s freshmen will be able to gradually develop their abilities in this field and their confidences to stand on the stage presenting their study results as professionals.

2. Dong Hua University is so far away in Hualien and the transportation is not convenient. We are really concerned about letting my child study there.


Most of Taiwanese stay whole their lives within the Taiwan island, so a ride takes 3 or 4 hours may already sound far away.  Others get used to living in highly developed cities tend to think that a region under-populated or without metro rail transit is not suitable for living. Actually, this perception comes all from the mental distance. Many famous universities around the world started at remote places, which then gradually became University Towns with distinctive communities.

If a kid grows and learns only around the city he lives in, indeed, he can enjoy all the conveniences, and parents are able to take care of him easily.  However, it is possible that he loses many opportunities to be independent earlier in his life.  A city kid may be regretful for losing the opportunities to get close to the mother nature.  We all know, once we leave school into the job market, works will occupy so much of our time that force us fewer chances to reach nature environment.  From many years of observation, we find out those students who grab more chances to be in natural are not only physically stronger but have greater positive attitudes and personalities against frustrations and challenges in future lives.

Many people are willing to go overseas to pursue a better education. As sensible and smart as you are, you should not take distance or the current prosperity of the location as your main criteria for planning your study and career.  National Dong Hua University is the most comprehensive university in Eastern Taiwan and one of the key developed universities in entire Taiwan. Although our 20 years of history is not long at all comparing to some other universities, with our endeavor and determination, we perform just as good as many older schools in Western Taiwan in terms of cultivating talents and academic researches. After merging with the Hualien University of Education, the number of teachers, staff, and students have reached over ten thousand.  With the support from the minister of education, Taiwan, three new teaching buildings, the 2nd student activity center, and the 6th student dormitory buildings were already in place after the summer vacation of 2011.  Regarding teaching resources, funding, number of teachers, and equipment, we already far excel many universities in western metro areas of Taiwan.

Hualien provides simple yet convenient vital functions.  Dong Hua University is a place where students can easily discipline themselves, focus on study, strengthen their bodies, develop the sense of independence, and best prepare themselves for the future.

Maybe you are not familiar with our location yet; here is a brief introduction:

  1. Current status: Transportation to Hualien has improved a lot. It is now only 2 hours away from Taipei by taking Taroko Express Train (costs around NT$450 one way).  For an economical option, the student can take a coach bus from Taipei to Luodong and then transfer a train from Luodong to Hualien, which costs only NT $250.  Also, Tze-Chiang Ltd. Exp train has largely cut the travel time to Southern Taiwan.   If time is the concern, flights between Hualien and Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung are also available. And there are two buses for the transportation between Hualien train station to Dong Hwa, one is 301, and the other one is 1121.


  1. In the future: The transportation will keep improving in Hualien. The Hualien-Taitung Line Electrification Project will allow Taroko Express to make a stop at Zhixue Station, which is just 500 meters away from the university’s entrance. Also, the Suhua Highway Improvement Project is already in progress; when completed, the drive between Taipei and Hualien will only take about 2.5 hours.


  1. University neighborhood: Hualien is sparsely populated. However, Dong Hua University has been here for almost 20 years, and we have more than 10,000 students live on campus.  We have formed a community with complete living functions.  Our simple lifestyle allows students to concentrate on their study; the fresh air helps with their thinking; the spacious poetic campus benefits cultivating their moral characters.  This is the university town with the best learning environment in Taiwan.

3. Is the department well-funded? Are the resources and environment good enough? Is it worth for my child traveling that far to study there?



Our department is very well-funded every year. Taking the 2011 academic year for example, the department received the funding for 29 National Science Council (NSC) projects. From the perspective of the average projects per teacher, our NSC funding level is similar to National Central University and National Sun Yat-Sen University and is higher than many other famous national universities.  As for the funding from the Minister of Education, for the past 9 years, Dong Hua has been funded by the Teaching Excellence Project, receiving tens of millions dollars every year, which has proved that our performance is recognized and acknowledged by the authorities.

In addition, after merging with Hualien University of Education in 2008 the number of teachers and students has reached more than 10,000 and the university was funded by the Minister of Education with 2.5 billion dollars for the construction of new teaching buildings and an even better learning environment. The completion of these new facilities has made the university a place with beautiful scenery, diversified departments, and spacious, comfortable and distinctive study and living areas.  Also our campus is an exquisite landmark where people want to linger around in Eastern Taiwan.
Learning resources:

Our department offers students a complete range of programs for the undergraduate, master, executive master, and doctoral degrees. For years, our efforts on researches and talent cultivation have been well recognized.  In 2010, we were appointed by the Minister of Education to cooperate with the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of National Sun Yat-sen University to establish the National Cloud Computing and Multimedia Teaching Resource Center–assisting in planning and designing the courses of the related fields and incorporating teaching resources. This assignment would prove the performance and the reputation of our department in these important fields.  Besides, the University’s Library is fantastic with rich categories and digital collections.  Many e-books, international journals, databases, magazines, audio, video, books are provided free with searching and reading in full-length privileges.  Students can access this information on campus or in dorms.

The university has set up a web-based E-Learning platform to allow students to easily access to teaching materials, watch videos of various speeches, and interact with teachers. The Language Center also invested a lot in the multi-language learning systems (such as Rosetta Stone, Clarity Online, TOEIC/GEPT Online Test, CNNews, …etc. ). Through online listening, speaking, reading, and writing exercise, students can effectively increase their language abilities by simply connecting to internet in classroom or in dorm. As the Educational Network Center in Eastern Taiwan, our students have no internet traffic restriction.  Also, the school provides a large collection of professional versions of software for students to use for free.  In addition, our department has a reading room where students can find many magazines on information, management, and language learning.

All research labs of our department are open for junior students’ independent study projects (a required course lasts for two semesters).  During which undergraduate students learn how to use advanced equipment and new information technologies following the instructions from professors and graduate students. Our department has 22 full-time professors, fully dedicate their time and efforts to teach and researches.  Our teachers are competent, rich in industrial practices, and many of them have been awarded with national prizes.  In all, assuring students with abundant learning resources is the principle of the school and our department, and this principle will never be influenced by any factors.


We prepare spacious and comfortable learning space for our students.  The entire 3rd floor of Engineering Building II is dedicated to the Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering.  Our poetic campus offers relaxation after heavy learning.  “Being on campus is like being in a vacation destination” is not something that other universities can offer– only the luckiest students are blessed to enjoy this.  Our school life is simple and convenient and the community is friendly, without the material allure, students can concentrate on their study and prepare themselves for the future.

Local governments and the university are planning to build a university town featured with green technology.  The school is now undergoing the process of becoming the first-rate comprehensive university.  Find yourself some time to visit us, you will be amazed and impressed by the genuine beauty, simplicity of people, and tranquil mind.

4. Is there any advantage for my child’s career to study there?


Our department emphasizes the “positive attitude” towards problem itself and the effectiveness to solve it.  At the same time, we pursue the balanced teaching methods on both theoretical and practical perspectives.  All these efforts are well recognized by students.  We are strict with students’ knowledge in professional fields, we are closely connected to the industries, and we can offer students various opportunities for internship and team work. All these help students building a solid foundation and adjusting themselves quickly into the fast-changing environment once they leave school.


Student Testimony:
LAI, YUE-YI, graduate of master and doctoral programs, the employee of the national research institute
Because we are not graduates from NTU, NTHU, NCTU, or NCKU, we have few advantages over the students in these schools; because our school is still young, we do not have a big alumni network to give preference to us. Even in such a competitive society today, those from NTU, NTHU, NCTU, or NCKU don’t mean anything either.  This is so why we know we need to work harder to earn ourselves more opportunities.  The department gave us very solid training on professional skills that we can use to compete with others, e.g. programming, algorithm development. And the teachers’ strictness also lets us impress others in the job market easily, e.g. preparing reports and presentation slides. By the way, the campus is so huge that we are at least more physically stronger than those who graduate from average universities in Western Taiwan (This is very important –we could avoid dying from “Karoshi” caused by overwork….)

CHEN, ZHI-RONG, graduate of undergraduate and master programs, employee of a famous domestic mobile company

As for my experience studying in Dong Hua University, I was benefited a lot from the solid training that teachers gave us. Compared with other peers in the company, our reports or articles are more well-organized and with good reasoning. In terms of professional skills, the most important thing is the ability to find the answers. Technologies are always changing and progressing, it is not easy to find what is suitable and applicable.
LI, LUO-WEI, graduate of undergraduate and master programs, employee of a famous domestic game company

The department’s in-depth multimedia courses helped me build up my professional skills both theoretically and practically. I am able to analyze the situation when facing problem, and find out the solution quickly. Besides, I can acquaint myself fast with new technologies. If you plan to pursue your career in information industry, here is a good start to your success.
SHI, HE-JIE, graduate of undergraduate and master programs, employee of a famous domestic game company

The department is closely connected to the industry, I got train solidly with theoretically and practically knowledge.  Although we are in Hualien, it is just as good as other schools.
HUANG, BO-WEN, graduate of undergraduate and master programs, employee of a domestic game company

My abilities developed through class exercises and projects enable to me to cope with the problems I encounter in workplace. And the solid basic knowledge also greatly helps shorten my learning curve when facing different development context and programming languages. I am also benefit a lot from the teamwork experience and learn the principles of getting along with people.
CHEN, CHANG-MING, graduate of master program, employee of a famous domestic game company

After graduating from Dong Hwa’s CSIE, I was able to enter the field of 3D.  I learned the fundamental programming knowledge on speech recognition, image processing, and image pattern identification, which allowed me to participate in the development of 3D game when I returned to my position.
WU, ZHANG-XING, graduate of master program, employee of national research institute

The department CSIE helped me: 1. Develop professional abilities through in-class lectures and other practices. 2. Build up teamwork understanding through attending competition and group discussions.  3. Learn how to conduct myself to accomplish tasks.

HU, SHI-JIE, graduate of the master program, employee of a domestic game company

The environment and the interactions between faculty and students are very supportive. The learning atmosphere among graduate and undergraduate students is vigorous. You can learn so much about the research and projects in your daily school life. And the solid project study really helps me deal with the challenges in workplace.
LU, JIA-CHENG, graduate of executive master program, employee of a domestic company

The CSIE department of National Dong Hwa University provides the great improvement channel for those who work in the field of Information in Eastern Taiwan. Excellent faculty helps cultivate talents for enterprises and increase their competency.
CHANG, SHU-WEI, graduate of undergraduate program, employee of a famous technology company

Because technologies are always changing, you probably will not learn the hottest technologies while in school.  What NDHU’s CSIE teaches you is how to use the correct attitude to find the correct solution when you face technical problems. Here, they give you the fishing rod and teach you the skills, not just give you the fishes which you can buy anywhere in the market!


LU, JING-LAN, undergraduate exchange student from Mainland China

As an exchange student, I learned a lot during the one semester I stayed here.  The theories learning completed my knowledge on multimedia; the in-class exercises and experiments refined my pragmatic abilities; the communications with teachers and classmates broadened my horizon and understanding of the whole industry. All these experiences became my advantages that helped me entering my ideal graduate school.

5. My child wants to pursue further study. How are the promise and the potentials for the students graduate from your department?

Our department offers students a complete range of programs for undergraduate, master, executive master, and doctoral degrees. Every year we have quite a few undergraduate students choose to stay for their master degrees. To encourage excellent students to stay for their master degrees, we provide special program letting students with outstanding academic performance to have the opportunity to acquire both bachelor and master degrees within 5 years. For the last 3 years, averagely 47% of our undergraduate students had entered other national universities for their master degrees in the related field.

Below is one alumni’s testimony about his studying with NDHU’s CSIE.


CHEN,YEN-JU is one of our alumni from the Undergraduate Class of 2005. He received his master degree from the Dept. of CSIE of Central University, and now is pursuing the doctoral degree in the Dept. of CSIE of National Taiwan University.

My study experience in the Department of CSIE, National Dong Hwa University

1. The beginning
I still remembered that when I filled my priority list on the departments where I wanted to do my bachelor degree, all I picked were the so-called popular ones such as electrical engineering, electronics, information, material, physics… etc.  When I was finally assigned to National Dong Hwa University, I did not even know where the university was. Until I received the enrollment letter along with the school brochure, then I started to know this beautiful university in Hualien.
2. Beautiful campus
The first time I stepped into the campus, I was mesmerized by its picturesque view. Strolling on the campus and breathing in the fresh air, I could hear that birds’ twittering and smell the floral fragrance in the air. And sometimes I could even find very precious animals protected by national laws. Walking through the wide lawn in front of the library, everyone could rest at the octagonal pavilion in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Through the greeny passage of the College of Science and you would reach the lake. The sound of piano drifted through from the Lakeside Student Activity Center.  The glorious sunrise from the landmark bridge beside the College of Engineering had been carved in my heart.  With spacious campus and delightful scenery, Dong Hwa University really offered a unique and enjoyable learning environment among so many universities in Taiwan.
3. My study
The purpose of study is to develop students’ professional skills and the ability of independent thinking.  For this, the department courses are divided into three groups, the requested courses to build up our professional knowledge, the elective courses to enhance our abilities in the field of interest, and the general courses to enrich our cultural capacities. The department also provides plenty of various research facilities. In addition to a huge computer lab, there are labs dedicated in different research fields, including image processing, multimedia, computer networking, artificial intelligence, bio-information, database, computer graphics, information security…etc. These labs are abundantly equipped with field-specific instruments, such as digital camera, experiment board, embedded circuit boards…etc.  Also, to shorten the distance between teachers and students, the department adopts the mentor system.  Each class will have one or more mentors, all regularly gather or excursion together with classmates. If I have questions about my study, I can have plenty chances to discuss with my professors.


4.  Extracurricular activities
In the university life, there are many club activities to join. They range from specific academic, service, recreational, athletic, social, and other groups. All clubs have their own activity spaces and instructors. The whole environment is very supportive. Also, the department really pays attention to the diversification of our extracurricular activities. We have department teams for basketball, softball, badminton, table tennis, and soccer. The prizes won by department teams displayed in the department office have proved that we not only smart in study but also active in other activities as well.

5. Perspectives
Four years passed in a blink of an eye. Either your choice is to go for further study or enter the job market, the department provides complete assistance. For further study, students may enroll in the department’s master or doctoral program by application or entrance exam. The department provides a database of past tests for our reference, and upper-classmates are very willing to share their text books, notes, and other information to younger ones. For those who are going to start working, the department has connections with famous companies from software and hardware development, database, system application, to artificial intelligence, game design, network multimedia, information security…etc., which help us find the ideal job more easily.  All these are the results of our students have been performing well in the entrance exam of master programs these years, and so active in the industry. I wish all future students a very nice learning experience here.


CHEN,YEN-JU  alumnus of undergraduate class 2005, Feb. 2011

6. Is there anything special that this department does for students in terms of their living and learning?


We have 22 full-time teachers in the department; each of them is in charge of the mentoring for a “family” made of around 10 undergraduate students grouped by their home addresses. During semester, each family’s mentor will schedule regular and random gatherings with family students and provide counseling on students’ living and learning.

Our department takes care of students majorly in the following ways:

Our department takes care of students majorly in the following ways:

(1)The mentor system

Every student belongs to a family mentored by a teacher. Within the family, students can discuss about their studies and life situations with other elder family members. The family mentor consistently follows students’ living and studying status and gives timely advice and consultation. Each mentor also sets fixed office hours that students can visit the mentor’s office for personal discussions and suggestions.

(2)The study warning system

To keep students on the right track of their study, our department implements a study warning system which includes three parts:

  1. For the students who seemingly have problems with their study, the department office will pass the name list to their mentors and the department director for further consultation and other needed assistance.
  2. Each semester after the mid-term exam, the subject teachers will pay special attention to students with unsatisfying performance in the exam and report the status to the department office. The office will pass the information to these students’ mentors for further consultation. If needed, the department director will provide assistance as well.
  3. Whenever the department or student finds any concern that needs to be addressed, mentors are informed for further acknowledgement and necessary consultation. Depends on the situation, mentors may transfer students to University’s Teaching and Learning Resources Center for a complete improvement plan to fully assist students with their study.

(3)The department office

The department office is always open to accept students’ opinions and provide timely feedback. When necessary, the department director will be in charge of the resource coordination to give students complete support. The director also randomly holds the event “Director Chat” to talk with students in a laid-back atmosphere and get students’ questions answered on the spot.

7. How is the department’s ranking in the world? How well is it connected internationally? Is there any opportunity for students to study abroad during their study here?



The research performance of CSIE department is remarkable. We are ranked the 263th worldwide in the area of Computer Science, and become the best area of NDHU entering the top 300 globally ranking.


Our students are also very active in international competitions, for example, in 2010, Prof. Shi-Jim Yen and his team attended the 15th Computer Olympiad and brought back 4 Gold Prize and 2 Silver Prize, which was the record high for Taiwan. Our current department director, Prof. Shin-Feng Lin, was awarded Gold Prize in the 57th International Trade Fair for “Ideas-Inventions-New Products” in Nuremberg, Germany in 2005. As for the international cooperation, since 2000, the university has been actively developing its academic relationship with other universities internationally. Currently, the schools and institutes with which the university has officially contracted relation include: Academia Sinica, Gyeongju University in Korea, Yantai University in China, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Shanxi University, Jiangsu University, University of Rostock in Germany, University of Hradec Kralove in Czech Republic…etc. Through the exchange of teachers and students, academic conferences, and mutual visits, we have been increasing the interchanges with other international universities, and also increasing our competitions as well. Since Spring 2011, the Department initiated a new international master and bachelor degree programs.  These two classes are taught in English.  By joining the classes and interacting with foreign students, Taiwanese students can increase their international perspectives, language abilities, and understandings on diverse cultures. The university’s sister schools and the exchange students information for 2015 are in the following:

2015 Partner School/Organization :

Exchange students during the most recent 3 years:

University Student ID Year Season
Soochow University 410101033 2015 Spring
Xiamen University 410034010 2015 Spring
Jilin University/td> 410034049 2015 Spring
Sichuan University 410001072 2015 Autumn
Sichuan University 410001049 2015 Autumn
Sichuan University 410135012 2015 Autumn
Tomas Bata University 410002024 2015 Autumn
The Hong Kong Institude of Education 410135029 2015 Autumn
Wuhan University 610233007 2015 Autumn

8. How is the faculty quality of the department? Has the department’s performance ever been acknowledged nationally or internationally?



Our hand-picked faculty are made of young and excellent scholars in their professional fields and are rich in industrial experience. They know the best about what students are expected to deliver in the job market and how they can equip students with these needed professional skills. Meanwhile, Our faculty continuously works with industry to develop students’ abilities on project execution and provide internship opportunities before students enter into the job market. We have plenty of professors, with specialties evenly distributed in various aspects, to cover all teaching demand of our courses, which enable us to fully support students to develop their professional competency.


Teaching quality

Our department’s teachers frequently received Outstanding Teaching Award from the college and the university levels. This indicates our teaching quality and the great students’ responses about their learning. Since 2004, our teachers won the school’s Outstanding Teaching Award each year.  The Outstanding Teaching Award list to our faculty as follows:
School level:

2006 Dr. Cheng-Chin Chiang

2005 Dr. Mau Tsuen Yang

2004 Dr. Ching-Nung Yang


College level:

2011 Dr. Chang-Hsiung Tsai, Dr. Ching-Nung Yang

2010 Dr. Cheng-Chin Chiang, Dr. Wen-Kai Tai

2009 Dr. Mau Tsuen Yang, Dr. Guanling Lee

2008 Dr. Shiow-Yang Wu, Dr. Ching-Nung Yang

2007 Dr. Wen-Kai Tai

2005 Dr. Guanling Lee

2003 Dr. Sheng-Lung Peng


The department’s excellent academic performance has been acknowledged. Averagely each of our full-time professors has at least one NSC-funded project per year. In terms of funding, we have reached the same level with the CSIE department of CCU, NSYSU, and NTUST, and our research performance has placed us as one of the top information departments in Taiwan.


2007~2011 NSC project numbers of information departments in Taiwan:

(NTU, NTHU, NCTU, NCKU not included)


Achievement and awards

Our research areas are diversified and our remarkable performance is well-recognized. In the field of information, the department is listed No.14 nationwide and No.263 worldwide according to Higher Education Evaluation & Accreditation Council of Taiwan.  This is the only field listed in the top 300 worldwide of the university. Currently we have 22 full-time professors; up to 15 of them have been awarded nationally or internationally
National or international honors of the department:


2010 Teaching Material Compiling Award, Ministry of Education
2010 4 Gold Prize and 2 Silver Prize, the 15th Computer Olympiad
2009 Silver Prize, CHT Value Added Application Software Contest
2009 Bronze Prize, 3rd GPW 9×9 Cup
2009 5th Prize, Connect6 of the 14th Computer Olympiad
2009 5th Prize, Go(9×9) of the 14th Computer Olympiad
2008 5th Prize, Connect6 of the 13th Computer Olympiad
2008 9th Prize, Connect6 of the 13th Computer Olympiad
2008 Bronze Prize, World Computer Go Congress
2007 Bronze Prize, Connect6 of the 12th Computer Olympiad
2006 Programming Award and Sponsor Award, 4C Digital Design Award- Award, Group of PC
2006 Performance Award, IBT Wewin Entrepreneurship Contest
2005 UHigh Award of Innovative Concept
2005 Gold Prize, 57th International Trade Fair for “Ideas-Inventions-New Products”, Nuremberg, Germany
2005 2000- 2004 Top Scholar, Journal of System and Software
2005 Silver Prize of World Computer Chess Championship in Computer Olympiad
2004 Paper Award, 17th IPPR Conference on Computer Vision Graphics and Image Processing
2004 Silver Prize of Internet Group, CHT Value Added Application Software Contest
2004 Programming Award, 4C Digital Design Award- Award, Group of Game Design
2004 IICM Master/PhD Thesis Award
2003 4C Game Design contest- Gold Prize, Group of Game Design
2003 IICM Master/PhD Thesis Award
2003 I Intel Innovation Prize
2002 Silver Prize, World Computer Chess Championship in Computer Olympiad
2002 IICM Master/PhD Thesis Award
2002 Bronze Prize, IICM Game Design Contest
2002 Annual JISE Best Paper Award, Academia Sinica
2001 Award of Outstanding Performance on Information Education, Ministry of Education
2000 IICM PhD Thesis Award

9. Comparing with other departments in different universities, what are the things that make your department special?

Comparing with others, our department differentiates ourselves by offering the following:


  1. Special Program-Based system for bachelor degree:
    The university is running in a Program-Based system for bachelor degree. The flexibility of this system allows students to plan their courses according to their interests. When graduating, students can possess the professional knowledge and skills of more than one department. Therefore, students are free from the worries of choosing the wrong department. When enrolling in the university, not necessarily all students understand themselves well. To avoid the situation that students’ futures are decided in one entrance exam, the school encourages students to keep exploring their interests. Once students see the necessity, they can apply to transfer to other departments that match their real interests.
  2. Annual Project Expo:
    To strengthen students’ abilities in applying what they learn in the class to real industrial situation, during their third year of studying, our department’s students are asked to undertake a year-long project with the professors they choose. Research results will be presented in the form of competition in ourAnnual Project Expo and reviewed by the judges invited from outside of school. The process as a whole allows students to have a complete training from theory, implementation, to final presentation. Also, since it is a group project, students are benefited from the experience of teamwork in addition to professional knowledge.
  3. Programming competition:
    To increase students’ interest and abilities in programming, our department holds Programming Competition annually. Winner teams are acknowledged with awards. Through competition, students are greatly motivated to learn more and their programming abilities are enhanced accordingly.

4.Special Five-Year program:
Our department provides a special Five-Year program to undergraduate students with strong academic
performance. Once applications approved, students have the opportunities to acquire both bachelor and
master degrees in five years, which is the advantage of students’ career planning.

5.International bachelor/master program:
The university is actively promoting the internationalization regarding teaching and researching. To further diversify
our students, our department has initiated the International Bachelor/Master degree program since Spring of 2011.
All the classes of these programs are taught in English. Students can have very unique experience by choosing
these program.

10. Recently your department seems not performing very well in university ranking. My child can go to a university with a higher ranking. Why should we choose NDHU?

Many students and parents have bias on the school’s location being far away in Eastern Taiwan, so would not consider us in their priority.  We must let you know that the university ranking is affected by many subjective factors–some people like it to be closer to their residences, some people like metropolitan areas, some like big school, and some like by fame.  The whole image of a school does not necessarily reflect the genuine standard of a specified department.  We suggest you to evaluate the academic performance of each department separately to make the best choice.

If you would like to let your child study in an environment with rich collegial atmosphere, abundant learning resources, compassionate teachers, simple lifestyle, and picturesque scenery, our department is the best choice for you.  Here are some reasons why you should join us:

Reasons to enroll in the CSIE department, NDHU

Item Why you should choose NDHU’s CSIE


Our department ranked No. 263th worldwide in its field, surpassing most other departments of the same field in Taiwan.
Faculty We have one class in each grade, accompanied by 22 full-time teachers, this ratio is more than all other single-class-in-each-grade information related departments (usually 14~16 teachers) of the country, and this number is even similar to those of some others that have two classes. We also have several part-time teachers, who are all industrial leaders with doctoral degrees. All of our full-time teachers graduated from prestigious national and overseas universities; most of them had industrial experience and rich research results, and many of them were awarded national or international prizes. Therefore, our faculty can provide students with the most solid professional training both theoretically and practically.
Studentslearning Our study atmosphere is open and free. Students can flexibly plan their study based on their interests. We encourage students to explore themselves and to be creative. We emphasize team-players and corporation. Our teachers and students get together like family, which allows teachers to take good care of students living and learning. In addition, we have Learning Warning System in place to provide support to those who need extra help with their study.
Department resources Our university is well funded–the school has been funded by the Teaching Excellence Project from government for 9 years in a row, and the department is responsible for the execution of many research projects each year.  Access to the school’s network is easy and fast without limitation on speed and traffic. In addition, students can also enjoy our ample space for research and study (including 2 computer labs, 1 hardware experiment lab, 1 network experiment lab, and 22 field-specific research labs), advanced software and equipment, and huge collection of digital database and categories covering various professional research fields.
Program Our courses are put into 3 programs following the newest international trends. They are Software Design and Application, Multimedia, and Network and System. Students can freely choose the courses form different programs, and even from different colleges for their minor or double-major degrees, to which the school does not set any special limit. Students complete the courses requested by the program will be granted the diploma of the program. The university is a well established comprehensive university with supportive environment, systems, resources for students’ cross-disciplinary learning to enhance their competency in the future.
Academic exchange The university has contracted with many international universities and organizations for academic exchanges, which have been providing opportunities for our students to exchange into those systems. Also, the university has been actively recruiting international students in recent years.  There are already quite a few international students on campus. Since Spring of 2011, the department started the international program for master and bachelor degrees, expecting such interchanges will broaden students’ perspectives in viewing the world.  All courses of these program are taught in English.
Alumni performance Comparing with other famous schools like NTU, NTHU, NCTU, and NCKU, our 20 years of history is such short. However, the solid training that our alumni received had brought many of them to important positions in public and private sectors, and their performance had been widely acknowledged. Our students’ competency in job market is definitely comparable to those students’ from metropolitan areas in Western Taiwan. Many of our students choose to pursue further study in graduate schools.  Most of them with great academic performance here were able to enter the graduate schools of the first-tier universities. And those undergraduates who also completed their master degrees here found their ideal jobs successfully. Besides, many of our students applied for substitute military service opportunities got admitted to more than one companies. It is also noticeable that our doctoral program was started merely 12 years ago with so far 16 graduates. 4 of them are now professors in national universities. Compared with other information related departments with similar length of history, our students’ performances are remarkable and it is also the evidence of our excellent research quality.


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