Campus Disinfection Notice

Campus Disinfection Notice
In order to maintain environmental hygiene and prevent diseases and other infections which may otherwise occur on campus, disinfection for the areas outside the buildings will be conducted from Sept 8, 2017 to Sept 10, 2017. Please make sure to close the doors and windows in the first floor at that time.

Disinfection date and area are as followed:
9/8 (Fri.):
Library and Information Center, Administration Building, Main Entrance, Science and Engineering Building I, Lakeside Restaurant and General Education and Arts Center, Science and Engineering Building II, Incubation Center, Science and Engineering Building III, Scenic Toilettes, Indigenous Studies Building, Guest House, Arts Workshop, Environmental Studies Building, Environmental Exposition Center, Gymnasium, Sewage Treatment Plant.

9/9 (Sat.):
North Exit, Command Stage of the Athletic Field, Swimming Pools, Kindergarten, Community Center, President’s Dormitory, Faculty Quarters II, Faculty Quarters I, Management Building, Hua-Shih Education Building, Humanities and Social Sciences Building III, Humanities and Social Sciences Building II, Humanities and Social Sciences Building I, Student Activities Center.

9/10 (Sun.):
West Dormitory Areas (including Dormitory IV, Dormitory III, Dormitory II, Dormitory I, West Community House), East Dormitory Areas (including Dormitory VII, Dormitory VI, Dormitory V, East Community House).

P.S.: Disinfection will be postponed in case of rain.

Environmental Protection Section, Office of General Affairs, NDHU

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