【Honor】HTC And NDHU Become A Partner On Virtual Reality Development

At November 19th 2020, HTC Corporation (or HTC) has signed an industry-academia collaboration and founded a cultivation center for VR (virtual reality) talent with National Dong Hwa University, eager to advance the virtual reality technology beyond the world.

HTC has mentioned about their current objective is that to combine creative research and development with top level professional educations so as to nurture the talent for the next generation. In addition, in the near future, HTC and NDHU are planning to establish a certified education hub together in order to set up the industry paradigm for talent finding.

With the highly internationalized environment we have owned, students will possess even a greater competitiveness comparing to other contestants, mentioned by the Chairman of CSIE department, Prof. Cheng-Chin Chiang..

Led by professors and cooperated graduate and undergraduate students, the first project of the Center is a series of interdisciplinary applications, including sightseeing, art, local cultures and next generation education. Take one of the project which is already under construction as example, as soon as the users put on their VIVE VR headset, they will be able to enjoy the spectacular scenery of Hualien in no time, without leaving their cozy home.

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