5/10 Collegiate Programming Examination (CPE) Registration for 2022/05/24 CPE Exam

Application time:2022.5.10(Wed) 14:25 ~ 5.20(Fri) 18:00
Examination time:2022.5.24(Tuseday) 17:30~21:40
17:30-17:40 Check-In
17:40-18:30 Practice on the system and 4 questions (this is important to help you familiar with input-output and system)
18:40-21:40 Exam Period

Important Note:
All check-in must be done before allowed time.
Door will be closed on 18:00, NO ENTRANCE ALLOWED.
Door will be open again at 18:30~18:40 for short-break.
During the exam time, only 1 person at a time for toilet.

Carry & use any electroic devices (include calculator、smart phones、tablet PCs) is forbidden!!

CPE Exam Location:Engineering BUDLING B305、B301 APPLE LAB

***From this time DONG HWA University does not accept students from outside DONG HWA for registration!! !***

Application Website: http://cpe.cse.nsysu.edu.tw 
Application Information:You must first registered account, then sign up to the exam.

***Pay attention
1. Use “瘋狂程設 Crazy Judge” as the judge system.
2. *** Temporary application will not be accepted. ***
3. After application, before the application deadline may cancel the application;After finished application,when unable to examinations if you have special reasons, you should check with the reason for the exam to leave Sponsor.(Please fill out the official website CPE’s absence form)After college students, absent for no reason, then the student will be canceled the exam qualifications once.

Textbook of Students: http://cpe.cse.nsysu.edu.tw/environment.php 
The examination questions are selected from at least one, “a star anthology”.

CPE’s goal is the standard to Taiwan as “the ability to test the program” ,like the English TOEIC Or GEPT. The ultimate goal is to enhance Taiwan CPE student programming skills. Some University has CPE scores are taken into account for the master’s program, one of the standard reference Admissions.

1. Collegiate Programming Examination (CPE),Through online program designed by the students, using the computer automatically judged to detect programming capabilities.
2. On-site examination program machines, each using a computer, nothing to do with the closure of the test network. Candidates can not carry any information approach.
3. Formal examination time is 3 hours.
4. CPE topic title is named in English, from the famous website UVA on-line judge. http://uva.onlinejudge.org/
5.The way to score ranking, sorting objective results is from ACM-ICPC. It is to help candidates understand their abilities of the program design.
6. College students in the school are invited (not limited to classes or graduate degree, and not limited in their school examination room, the school’s students not association can also participate)
7. Extensive uses of CPE , can be used as
(1) a single course on test
(2) apply for school programming contest
(3) Department of graduation test
(4) Institute of entrance exam
(5) vendors Careers
(6) the ability to enhance their programming (game of the exercise)
8. Fee:college students are free, Member of society need NT$500. If you need a certificate of achievement,college students need NT$100, Member of society need NT$200. Awarded by ACM ICPC Contest Council for Taiwan.
9. The details: https://cpe.cse.nsysu.edu.tw/index.php


Previous exams and scores:

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