111 Academic Year (2022 Admission) NDHU CSIE International Undergraduate Program Planning

111 Academic Year (2022 Admission) NDHU CSIE International Undergraduate Program Planning

NDHU Degree Requirement Searching System

University Requirements:

See Academic Regulations (學則) and General Education Requirements of NDHU.

General Education Requirements:


  • Language subjects 9 credits,
  • Physical Education 4 credits,
  • Service Learning 2 credits,
  • Information Technology 2 credits,
  • General Education Elective Core Course 20 credits,
  • English Language Proficiency exam,
  • Physical Fitness Test.
  • See Full List of NDHU General Education Requirements for detail.

Departmental Requirements:

In addition to the General Education Requirements from the University, students are required to take 3 Major Programs and at least one of two Professional Elective Programs(as a declared major) from the Department of CSIE, or any program-set from any department (deemed as a minor), and study a minimum 132 total credits in order to graduate.

1. Fundamental Program of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science:23 credits
2. Core Program of Computer Science (I):23 credits
3. Core Program of Computer Science (II):23 credits
4. The bachelor’s degree Professional elective Program:
Program of Multimedia and Intelligent Computing:21 credits
Program of Network and System:21 credits

Important Rules and Regulations:

1. To graduate with a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and Information Engineering, all students must fulfill the General Education Requirements, complete 4 curriculum programs, study a minimum of 132 credits, at least half of the 132 credits must be taught in English.

2. CSIE Students must take compulsory language credits and pass the English Proficiency Requirements set by the University, such as: LTTC-GEPT (Intermediate or above), TOEFL iBT (above 61), TOEFL ITP (above 500), TOEIC (above 600) or equivalent criteria listed on the Language Center website, as the NDHU Graduation Requirement. Students who pass the exams have to confirm their scores with the NDHU Language Center and may waive the certain classes or credits requirement. Please check with NDHU Language Center for details.

Students who fail the English Proficiency Requirements have to study 2 additional English courses (about 4~6 credits) from General Education courses, the English department, or any department that offers the English-Taught courses. The courses must be approved by the Language Center. Those additional credits cannot be counted into the compulsory credits in the Language field, but can be counted toward the total graduation credits.

3. Credits earned in courses of the same name offered by other departments or institutes may be counted toward degree requirements with the approval of the Departmental Education Committee.

4. The maximum credit load per semester is 24 credits with the exception of Physical Education, Military Training, and Service Learning. The maximum credit load can be increased to 27 credits per semester for those in the top 25% ranking of their respective classes.

5. All Students must successfully complete Service Learning (I) & (II) offered by Dept. of CSIE before graduation.

6. Every student (including double-major students) in this department is required to take the “ Programming Ability Certification" course to acquire an assessed grade. However, the graduation will not be affected by the level of the grade.

7. For any students come from 5-year Middle School(Junior High)/High School education system, must take an additional 12 credits (as total 144 credits) to graduate. These 12 credits can be from any departments.

8. In addition to this requirement, all scholarship awardees must follow the scholarship regulations and requirements to complete the degree.

9. All students admitted from Fall 2017 and after, should complete the NDHU Implementation Measures for Cross-Domain Autonomous Learning Certification (國立東華大學跨域自主學習認證實施辦法)
. For detailed rules and regulations about this certification, please refer to the “ Guidelines for Cross-Domain Autonomous Learning Certification " from the Office of Academic Affairs.

10. At least 21 credits are required to fulfill the Professional Elective Program toward CSIE degree.

11. All Students must take required courses offered by the CSIE department to fulfill the required credits of information technology category; students can refer to the list of the credit-eligible courses announced by the General Education Center. If the credits of an eligible course taken is not sufficient to satisfy the General Education requirements, students still need to make up for the remaining credits by taking other General Education courses.

12. Students admitted for Fall 2019 or earlier, “Programming Languages and Compilers" can be counted toward either “Programming Languages" or “Compilers". Should both classes need to be accounted for, “Advanced Programming Languages" or “Compilers Principles and Design" can be counted toward either one of them.

13. In order to implement the Program on Bilingual Education for Students in College (the BEST program) and the English as a Medium of Instruction Teaching Plan (known as the EMI teaching plan), set by the Taiwan Ministry of Education, the EMI courses offered by the EMI teachers of the College of Science and Engineering will be deemed as the same or as the equivalent courses with the same course names or the same course nature offered by the department. Please refer to 「NDHU’s Course Equivalency Table (國立東華大學相同或等同課程對照表)」

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