A successful 2018 International Culture Night

A successful 2018 International Culture Night with great supports of CSIE Students

In the spirit of National Dong Hwa University’s 24th Anniversary, the Office of International Affairs presented 2018 International Culture Night at the Performance Arts Hall located in the Student Activities Center on 2018.11.25. This yearly event showcased the rich and diverse cultures of the foreign students at Dong Hwa.

The NDHU’s International Cultural Night has been held every year for the past seven years. With increasing international student populations and nations, this event has become the most anticipated cultural event for both international and domestic students in Dong Hwa campus.

More than 20 CSIE International Students participated in the performances, such as India-Rhythms of India, Kyrgyzstan-Nomads_Kg, South Pacific Islands-Islanders, and Indonesia-Indonesian Student Association…etc.

The performed students showed off their traditional clothes, music, body languages, and national flags. There were nearly 70 more CSIE international students wore their traditional clothes and flags to identify themselves in the audience hall to support the event.

More News Here:
Chinese Version on NDHU headpage:

English Version on OIA headpage: translated by CSIE student, Djavan Kayode Martin

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