【Summer Intern Presentation】4/19 (Friday)14:10 from AU Optronics Corporation

【Summer Intern Presentation】4/19 (Friday) 14:10 from AU Optronics Corporation

The presentation maybe in Chinese, however, this company is an international corporation. The managers and coworkers should be able to communicate in English. Therefore, DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY !!

Presentation Time:4/19 (Friday) 14:10~15:10
Location: Lecture Hall V (room A307)
Please use NDHU Email Account to register
Registration Site:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfYZXe2Eor895SGnj7WgsWpAYYbzY3pI2fibDwwWXm6ulLpAw/viewform

Registration Deadline:4/18 (Thursday) 12:00 noon

【Intern Method】
▲One Intern One Manager → Designated Mentor → Work Report → Final Presentation

▲Senior Students、Master Students、Ph.D Students
▲Graduating Students who will continue Master/Ph.D students are also qualified.

【Intern Period】
▲2019/07/01~2019/08/30 (Full-Time Intern)

▲Summer Intern is a paid job, salary depends on the degree, benefits are as the same as the regular employers.
▲Free Dorm Rooms and Free Shuttle Bus provided.
▲Seniority– If preforming well, you may get the hiring seniority after graduation.

【Intern Category】
▲Information Management (Algorithm Development 演算法開發/Big Data Analysis 大數據分析…)
▲Tech Development (Component Development 元件開發/Elect. Engineering 電子電機/System Development 系統開發/ Software Development 軟體開發…)

▲Operation Support (HR人力資源/GUI Design介面設計/USR 企業社會責任…)
▲Production Engineering (Production Enhancement生產流程改善/Production Error Analysis生產製造異常分析…)
▲Environmental Engineering (事業廢棄物檢測及數據分析…)

Any question regarding this 2019 Summer Intern shall contact
Miss 簡素娟 AU Optronics Corporation
Tel: 03-500-8800Ext.3918

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