Academic Year 2023–2024 Vehicle Permit Application(09.21Before)

1. All faculty, staff and students are eligible to apply for annual on-campus vehicle permits. The types of vehicles allowed for registration are bicycle/electric bicycle, scooter/electric scooter / micro-electric scooter and cars.

2. To add, view, or edit vehicle information, please visit the webpage below.

NDHU campus vehicle management system:

The online registration is available from 1st August to 21th September.

3. All freshmen, who would like to apply for scooter or car permits, must attend the driver safety train-ing course arranged by Office of Student Affairs during the first month of new semester, upload par-ents’ agreement to the vehicle management system as well.

4. Any car or scooter driven and parked on-campus by any student, faculty or staff must be insured, with a valid license, registered with the Campus Security, and bear a valid National Dong Hwa Uni-versity parking permit sticker. The stickers can be acquired after 2nd October from the Information Desk at the General Services Division located on Room 107 of the Administration Building.

5. All vehicle parking stickers except cars are free to apply. A registration fee of NT$400 per car will be charged, and is non-refundable.

6. The completion of the vehicle registration clearly indicates that the vehicle owner has read and un-derstood the Regulation of National Dong Hwa University Vehicle Management. Failure to comply with the regulations in question, and any other vehicle regulation posted will result in a violation order and an extra charge.

7. The parking stickers should be placed where it is clearly visible to the campus security officers. If a registered vehicle is sold or traded for another vehicle, the original sticker needs to be removed and delivered back to the Information Desk at the General Affairs Division.

8. Each registered vehicle owner/operator is responsible for maintaining proper insurance coverage to protect his/her vehicle from possible damages, such as vandalism, theft and acts of nature. National Dong Hwa University is not responsible for any of the abovementioned damages while a vehicle is driven or parked on-campus.

9. Any further questions, please let us know. Our email address:

General Services Division, Office of General Affairs

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