CSIE International Students Spread Blessings to Orchid Island

Starting in 2011, the Dept of Computer Science & Information Engineering (Dept of CSIE) established its English-taught Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. degree programs for international students, and had been committed to international accreditation and cooperation (see Note* below) in order to provide the best learning environment. Currently, the CSIE department includes international students from five different continents, with alumni spread around the world.

Since 2014, the Dept of CSIE has cooperated with Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund (Taiwan ICDF) to organize two consecutive implementations of the “1-year Intensive Chinese language training plus 4-year Computer Science & Information Engineering Bachelor Degree" program to cultivate 17 international students in the field of computer science and information engineering.

Under the influences of the natural landscapes in the East Rift Valley and the multiculturalism of Hualien, coupled with the humanistic environment in National Dong Hwa University and the excellent professional training from the Dept. of CSIE, this group of students demonstrated unique temperament, thinking and ability.

In the past five years, they worked hard to learn the Taiwanese culture, and cared about Taiwan’s diplomatic relationship with other nations. They also praised Taiwan’s respect for human rights, and were amazed by Taiwan’s efforts on environmental sustainability. They took Taiwan’s development of science and technology as the leaning model to actively strengthen their professional capabilities, in hopes of one day being able to serve their own countries.

They felt greatly appreciative of all the assistance and guidance offered by the people of Taiwan during their studies, and wanted to give something back. So, they decided to visit the Lan-An Cultural and Educational Foundation on the Orchid Island (蘭嶼) on July 5th 2019 to share their blessings with the young children on the island. They had written a beautiful and complete chapter of their study in Taiwan.

As the Times Higher Education’s 2019 World Ranking of Academic Performance in the field of Engineering Technology and Computer Science, National Dong Hwa University ranked 554th (6th in Taiwan) in Engineering Technology and 463th (7th in Taiwan) in Computer Science. These outstanding performances in the world-renowned university ranks demonstrate NDHU and the Dept of CSIE’s determination and effort to pursue excellence.

The Taiwan ICDF scholarship awardees of Dept. of CSIE made a charitable donation on the Orchid Island

See the related news here:https://www.ndhu.edu.tw/files/14-1000-142159,r2390-1.php?Lang=zh-tw 

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