Department Atmosphere

The Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering of National Dong Hwa University is young and full of vigorous atmosphere. The dynamic learning environment and state-of-the-art equipment are our distinguishing features. We endeavor to create a family-like atmosphere where teachers and students interact closely with each other. In our department, teachers devote themselves to teaching, and students invest efforts in professional learning. All of us are like friends living together. Studying here is like joining a warm and welcoming academic family.

Our teachers pay close attention to cultivate students’ independent thinking and creativity. The open learning space inspires a liberating academic ambiance. The one-person-one-machine multimedia interaction computer labs, and campus-wide wifi services provide further support for students’ learning. The Department and the University ensure our students have the soundest learning experience and beyond students’ expectations.

To facilitate the industrial development of the Eastern Taiwan region, National Dong Hwa University has been striving to drive High-Tech industries forward, and Information Engineering has been listed as one of the priorities. To prepare our students for their future careers, our teaching emphasizes on both theory and practice, and we encourage students to participate in industrial programs during their free time.

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