Department History and Events

Department History

The Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering started recruiting students for master’s programs in 1995, bachelor’s programs in 1997, industrial executive master’s programs in 2000, and doctoral programs in 2001. In 2008, we combined the Graduate Institute of Information Science and the Graduate Institute of learning Sciences (renamed as the Graduate Institute of Networking and Multimedia Technology in 2009) on the Meilun campus into our department.   Over years, we have 1842 graduates, spread in all computer-related fields.

Currently, the department is chaired by Professor Shiow-Yang Wu, and has 21 full-time professors, 289 students in the bachelor’s program, 168 in the master’s program, 32 in the industrial executive master’s program, and 31 in the doctoral program.  Since 2010, we have initiated the All-English-Taught Degree Programs, accepting domestic & international students.  As of today, from 29 countries around the world, 2 international Ph.D students, 3 international master students, and 42 undergraduate students (32 international and 10 domestic students) are in our All-English-Taught degree programs.  Our graduated international alumni currently work in cross-continental companies, or in governmental agencies of their countries.

Furthermore, we welcome Oversea Chineses (僑生), Mainland Chinese (陸生), and Exchange students to study with us as well.

Following our school principles of academic freedom and excellence, the department has established our own identity and has been continuously contributing to academic research and industrial developments in Eastern Taiwan, as well as the information and electronics industries of the nation.

Taiwan has become the Kingdom of Information and Electronics. Now that the information and electronics industry has towered over others to be the biggest industry of Taiwan, it’s performance is critical to the country’s national power and economy. While the competition among high-tech industries is so intense, our place in the lead may disappear in just a few years. Therefore, we need to closely monitor the global development of the industry and keep absorbing new knowledge and technologies to stay at the top.

We dedicate ourselves to cultivating this cradle of talents, and are expecting you to join us.


Huge Events of Department


Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering (Dept of CSIE) at National Dong Hwa University (NDHU) officially join the Taiwan International Cooperation Alliance (TICA) in January of 2014.   Start recruiting Taiwan ICDF Scholarship Awardees.  (See news here )


Host International Computer Symposium (ICS 2012)


Host Taiwan Blackboard User Group Conference (TBUG 2011)


Host The 2nd International Conference on Security-enriched Urban Computing and Smart Grids (SUComS 2011)


Host Grid and Pervasive Computing (GPC 2010)


Started Accepting All-English-Taught International Classes. Accepting Ph.D, Master, Bachelor degree applications.

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