Doctoral Student Programming Planning 104 Year

Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering (CSIE) Doctoral Program(Academic Year 104)

Minimum Requirements34 credits
Compulsory Courses: 16 Credits.

Elective Courses: 18 Credits from courses, plus Thesis series per each semester.

Important Rules and Regulations:
  1. At least 1/2 of the courses studied must be offered by Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering.
  2. Ph.D students may select any Master or Ph.D level courses to study; the course credits can be counted toward the graduation.
  3. Credits earned on courses of the same name offered by other departments or institutes may be substituted (up to 9 credits maximum) toward elective course requirements with the approval of the Departmental Graduate Study Committee. Credits earned from CSIE courses are exempted from the credit substitution limit.
  4. For NDHU master students, who directly continue their studies into doctoral program, must study at least 42 credits from the course list below.
  5. Unless approved by advisor and departmental chairman, no repeated courses can be counted into the graduate credits twice.
  6. For Ph.D students who continue their 3rd year, must select Thesis (III)~Thesis (XII) courses each semester until graduation.  These credits will not be counted toward graduate credits.
  7. All students must fulfill the English Proficiency Requirement for Graduate Students.
  8. In addition to this requirement, all scholarship awardees must follow the scholarship regulations and requirements to complete the degree.
Course Title Course Code Course Hour
Compulsory Courses: 16 Credits
Seminar(I) CSIE70100 1.0
Seminar(II) CSIE70300 1.0
Seminar(III) CSIE70500 1.0
Seminar(IV) CSIE70700 1.0
Independent Study(I) CSIE70000 3.0
Independent Study(II) CSIE70200 3.0
Thesis (Ⅰ) CSIE70400 3.0
Thesis (Ⅱ) CSIE70600 3.0
Elective Courses: 18 Credits from courses, plus Thesis series per each semester.
Neural Networks CSIE@1860 3.0
Mobile Computing Systems CSIE@1870 3.0
Distributed Systems CSIE@1880 3.0
Computer Network Performance Evaluation CSIE@1890 3.0
Computer Networks and Communications CSIE@1900 3.0
Next Generation Internets CSIE@1910 3.0
Virtual Reality CSIE@1920 3.0
Digital Signal Processing CSIE@1930 3.0
Theory of Computation CSIE@1940 3.0
Advanced Programming Languages CSIE@1950 3.0
Advanced Algorithms CSIE@1960 3.0
Cryptography CSIE@1970 3.0
Advanced Computer Architecture CSIE@1980 3.0
Advanced Database System CSIE@1990 3.0
Data and Knowledge Base Systems CSIE@2000 3.0
Image Processing CSIE@2010 3.0
Object-Oriented Software Engineering CSIE@2020 3.0
Artificial Intelligence CSIE@2030 3.0
Advanced Computer Graphics CSIE@2040 3.0
Advanced Image Compression CSIE@2050 3.0
Pattern Recognition CSIE@2060 3.0
Advanced Compiler Theory CSIE@2070 3.0
Computational Biology CSIE@2090 3.0
Advanced Software Engineering CSIE@2100 3.0
Advanced Graph Theory CSIE@2110 3.0
Advanced Computer Graphics System Design CSIE@2120 3.0
Advanced Computer Vision CSIE@2130 3.0
Intelligent System Design CSIE@2140 3.0
Project Management CSIE@2150 3.0
Advanced Information Retrieval CSIE@2160 3.0
Machine Learning CSIE@2170 3.0
Application-Specific Integrated Circuits Design CSIE@2180 3.0
Image-based Rendering CSIE@2190 3.0
Special Topics on System-on-Chip Design CSIE@2200 3.0
Three-Dimensional Computer Vision CSIE@2210 3.0
Software Development for Embedded Systems CSIE@2220 3.0
Wireless Internet CSIE@2230 3.0
Error Control Coding CSIE@2240 3.0
Pervasive Computing CSIE@2250 3.0
Data Mining CSIE@2270 3.0
Speech Processing and Recognition CSIE@2280 3.0
Advanced Data Structures CSIE@2310 3.0
Peer-to-peer Computing CSIE@2320 3.0
Compiler Practice and Application CSIE@2330 3.0
Artificial Intelligence in Digital Games (Game AI) CSIE@2350 3.0
Telematics data analysis and Services CSIE@2360 3.0
Parallel Computing CSIE@2370 3.0
Fault-Tolerant Computing CSIE@2380 3.0
Information flow control CSIE@2390 3.0
Special topics on Interconnection Networks CSIE@2400 3.0
Vehicular Database Management System and Application CSIE@2410 3.0
Cloud Computing CSIE@2420 3.0
Travel Oriented Service Technologies CSIE6200Z 3.0
Operating system engineering CSIE@2430 3.0
Advanced Multimedia Interaction Technologies CSIE@2190 3.0
Information sharing technology CSIE@2220 3.0
Big Data Systems CSIE@2230 3.0
Digital Learning Technology CSIE@2240 3.0
Information Security Management Systems CSIE@2250 3.0
Roaming and Handoff Technologies of Heterogeneous Wireless Networks CSIE@2260 3.0
Topics on Optimization and Decision Making CSIE@2270 3.0
Optimization Methods and Applications CSIE@2280 3.0
Network Services and Applications CSIE@2290 3.0
Advanced Applied Statistics CSIE@2300 3.0
Intelligent digital learning system 3.0
Compiler Practice and Application CSIE@2080 3.0
Smart Mobile Application Design CSIE@2180 3.0
Thesis (Ⅲ) CSIE70800 1.0
Thesis (Ⅳ) CSIE70900 1.0
Thesis (Ⅴ) CSIE71300 1.0
Thesis (Ⅵ) CSIE71400 1.0
Thesis (Ⅶ) CSIE71000 1.0
Thesis (Ⅷ) CSIE71500 1.0
Thesis (Ⅸ) CSIE71100 1.0
Thesis (Ⅹ) CSIE71600 1.0
Thesis (XI) CSIE71200 1.0
Thesis (XII) CSIE71700 1.0
Science and Technical Writing CSIE@2460 3.0


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