Educational Goals and Core Abilities

[ I.] Educational goals(教育目標)

Educational Goals of the University:(校教育目標)

To cultivate talents with innovative thinking, scientific intelligence and quality of humanism

Educational Goals of the College:(院教育目標)

To develop professional knowledge and skills and to elevate the abilities of learning

Educational Goals of the Department:(系教育目標)

1. Acquire academic knowledge, develop professional skills
2. Inspire innovative thinking, increase analytical problem solving ability
3. Promote teamwork spirit, encourage coordination and cooperation
4. Sublimate professional ethics, engage social responsibility
5. Cultivate humanities, broaden global perspectives
[ II.] Students’ Basic Qualities and Core Abilities (學生核心能力)

As a student of the University:

1. Profound professional knowledge and lifetime learning passion
2. Sound and free spirit; simple and generous quality
3. Ability to appreciate beauty and ablity to think creatively
4. Sense of democracy, the rule of law, and civil responsibility
5. Ability of communication, teamwork, and social practice
6. Possess both domestic and global perspectives
7. Knowledgeable and possess the quality of humanism
8. Ability of verbal expression and information organization and application
As a student of the College:

1. Basic mathematic and scientific knowledge and ability of logical thinking and problem solving
2. Verbal communication skills and ability of teamwork
3. Ability of lifetime learning
As a student of the Department:

1. Ability of lifetime learning in information profession
2. Ability to design and conduct experiments, and to analyze and validate outcomes
3. Ability to integrate and apply information technologies
4. Ability of information application system design and development
5. Ability of teamwork, communication, and coordination
6. Ability of problem solving with information and communication technologies
7. Ability to understand the effects of information technology on environmental, social, and global influences
8. Ability of bearing the responsibilities of being an information engineer toward society, environment, and ethic aspects



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