【Volunteers Recruitment】 for 2019.11.16 TICA Cup Event

Volunteers Recruitment for 2019.11.16 TICA Cup Event

國立東華大學即將於 2019.11.16 星期六舉辦 TICA Cup Event 並接待來自國內 23 所大學超過 500 + 位國際生。本活動由資工系主辦。此一難得的活動極需要您的參與。我們會安排訓練課程和預演練習,因此僅接受盡忠職守的人選。 所有志工將可獲得至少 18 小時的服務學習時數及志工證書。 即日起開放報名至 2019.09.30止。

Dear All NDHU Students,

National Dong Hwa University (NDHU) will host 2019 TICA Cup Event on Saturday 2019.11.16 for 500+ international students from 23 universities of Taiwan. Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering (Dept of CSIE) will be in charge of miscellaneous activities.

Currently, we are recruiting 180 volunteers to represent NDHU. Hope you can be part of the team !

We will interview all applicants, give 2 training lessons, report progress, and attend 2 rehearsals before the event. Only committed person will be considered.

We understand the event is right after the Mid-Term exam, we will schedule the training/rehearsal around it.

Your volunteer work will be recognized for at least 18 Hours of Service Learning and a Certificate.

Registration opens from now until 2019.09.30.
Please use NDHU email address to register


Team Size:
Reception Team (接待組) – 80 people
Equipment Team (器材組) – 15 people
Transportation Team (交通組) – 15 people
Food / Meal Team (食物組) – 10 people
Photography (攝影組) – 20 people
Office Helper (行政協助) – 20 people
News Editor (新聞/網頁組) – 6 people

Thank you for being interested, we look forward to working with you.

Miss Gena Wu / Gena 姐
Project Coordinator of 2019 TICA Cup Event
Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering

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