2% of 2017 Universiade International Volunteers are selected from NDHU’s CSIE !!

Wow ~~ Among hundreds of applicants, only very few were selected. 11 of them are from NDHU, and FIVE (5) of them are from Dept of CSIE !! Congratulations!!

Teasi Paul Galuega Simeona, Indra Kawasan Siahaan, Tho Pham, Andres Obregon, and Sofia López are selected to be 2017 Universiade International Volunteers. We contribute almost 2% of the selected volunteers! Way to go ! Dept of CSIE !!

These volunteers will be trained and serve in Taipei 2017 Universiade. There will be 12000 college athletes from 150 countries around the world, gather in Taipei Municipal Stadium from Aug. 19 through Aug. 30 for sport competitions.

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