Advantages 4. Q&A about NDHU CSIE

1. My child does not have any basic computer knowledge and never learns how to program. Is this department suitable for him ?

2. Dong Hua University is so far away in Hualien and the transportation is not convenient. We are really concerned about letting my child study there.

3. Is the department well-funded? Are the resources and environment good enough? Is it worth for my child traveling that far to study there?

4. Is there any advantage for my child’s career to study there?

5. My child wants to pursue further study. How are the promise and the potentials for the students graduate from your department?

6. Is there anything special that this department does for students in terms of their living and learning?

7. How is the department’s ranking in the world? How well is it connected internationally? Is there any opportunity for students to study abroad during their study here?

8. How is the faculty quality of the department? Has the department’s performance ever been acknowledged nationally or internationally?

9. Comparing with other departments in different universities, what are the things that make your department special?

10. Recently your department seems not performing very well in university ranking. My child can go to a university with a higher ranking. Why should we choose NDHU?

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