ICDF Scholarship — Admission Procedure

Introduction of CSIE



1-Year Chinese Language & 4-Year CSIE Curriculum



Admission Procedure

Application Submission Deadline
Taiwan ICDF Scholarship Application Deadline: 2015/3/16 (Monday)
NDHU International Student Application Deadline: 2015/3/31 (Tuesday)

Required Documents must be submitted to BOTH Taiwan ICDF & NDHU :

1. NDHU Admission Application Form (Online)
2. Taiwan ICDF Scholarship Application Form (Online)
3. Verification of Nationality
4. Diploma of the High School or equivalent degree(issued or notarized copy of the translation in English)
5. The original official transcript of the High School or equivalent degree (issued or notarized copy of the translation in English)
6. Certificate of Language Proficiency
7. Autobiography
8. Study Plan
9. Two Letters of Recommendation
10.Financial Statement (official bank letter, for NDHU application)
11. Taiwan ICDF Medical Report (including an HIV test) dated within the the past three months.

All Documents Can be downloaded from Taiwan ICDF Scholarship Website & Office of International Affair, NDHU .

Applicants are encouraged to express their interests and experiences of Computer Science and Information Engineering fields.

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