10/04(Friday)Special Topic Lecture(Seminar)English Lecture

10/04 Friday Special Topic Speech

Location: Science Engineering Building II (csie building), Levture IV(A307)

Time: 13:30pm~15:15pm

Today’s Speaker: General Manager of HTC Taiwan Chen Bojun

General Manager Chen is an MBA of National Taiwan University. He used to be Apple Computer Business Manager, Studio A General Manager, HTC Business Manager, and HTC’s Taiwan Business Director. He is currently the General Manager of HTC Taiwan.we encourage you to participate.


TopicPast, Present and Future Prospects of VR



-what is VR?

 -The VR scope of application

 -HTC position of virtual reality Future development of VR

HTC will work in the following three directions in the future:

  • Establish a business ecosystem of VR, establish a community of software, hardware, marketing, and creative talent exchange, and connect resources and reciprocity. It will also use the platform database to provide members with valid information.
  • Actively cooperate with schools to provide school VR technology teaching, establish industry-university cooperation opportunities, and cultivate VR professionals.
  • HTC will keep toward the content platform(VIVE PORT),enterprise total solution and the platform that assists in the production of content in the future.so that people from all walks of life can understand the application of VR and upgrade the industry. VR can be used in the fields of audio-visual, medical and education.
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