2015-Fall Semester Mid-semester Course Withdraw


❶104-1 申請時間:即日起至 11/27 日(星期五)17 時,逾期恕不予受理。Application deadline: 17:00 November 27th.

❷停修科目:每學期以1科為限,扣除停修之科目後,至少仍應修習2門科目。The maximum course withdrawal is one for each semester. If you withdraw from a course, you must maintain at least two courses in a semester.

❸學分數下限:扣除停修之學分數後,總修讀學分數不得低於各系所規定之最低學分數。You must maintain the minimum number of credit hours required by your department after withdrawing from a course.

❹成績登載:停修課程仍登記於該學期成績單及歷年成績表,並將於成績欄註明該科「停修」(W),但不會打分數或影響平均分數。Your transcript will show the course that you withdrew from, but “W” will be written in place of the grade. It will not be counted in your grade point average.

❺學分費:停修之科目不退學分費,未繳交學分費者仍應依規定補繳。You still have to pay the credit fees for this class.

❻程序及期限:申請表須經授課教師、導師、學生所屬系所主管/助理及開課系所主管/助理簽名或蓋章同意後,於11月27日(星期五)17時前親送教務處課務組(行政大樓502室)。You must get permission and signatures from the teacher who offers the course that you wish to withdraw from, your advisor, and the dean of your department.

❼停修申請表請至網路選課系統列印: Print Course Withdrawl Request Form
路徑:學校首頁/在校生/在校學生課務資訊/網路選課系統 Go to course selection system(https://sys.ndhu.edu.tw/AA/CLASS/subjselect/Default.aspx

操作方式:登入系統後,選擇課程列印期中停修單(未出現按鈕表示不符合申請資格) Select the course you like to withdraw, then print

The form need to be signed by Course Teacher, Your Advisor, Dept Chairman, then send to Academic Affair Office.

(8)學生申請停修課程辦法:本校教務處網頁/公告事項/教務規章/【課務組】「學生申請停修課程辦法」(1030528) Rule and Regulation(http://www.aa.ndhu.edu.tw/files/14-1006-14817,r1065-1.php

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