4/10(Friday)Special Topic Lecture(Seminar)English Lecture

4/10 Friday Special Topic Speech

Location: Science Engineering Building II (csie building), Levture IV(A307)

Time: 14:10pm~17:10pm

Today’s Speaker: Samson Chen ( the co-founder and CTO of Tracmo. Tracmo, A Knectek Labs Company in CANADA)

Samson Chen’s Bio:

Samson Chen is the co-founder and CTO of Tracmo. Tracmo, A Knectek Company, launched the world’s first Bluetooth 5 tracker with the Location-as-a-Service technology. Tracmo was acquired by the Toronto-Based Smart Home company, Knectek Labs, in 2019. Prior to Tracmo, Samson Chen is the co-founder of Qblinks. Qblinks, with its flagship product, Qmote – a sleek smart remote for the smartphone and smart home devices, has achieved great success on Kickstarter. Samson has more than 20 years’ experiences in the fields of Bluetooth Low Energy, IoT technology, mobile networks, and embedded system design. Prior to Qblinks, Samson was the founder and CTO of Wishfi, a company who was a pioneer of intelligent and targeted information delivery technology through Internet infrastructure. Prior to Wishfi, Samson was Chief Architect of Bitfone, who offered a solution for manufacturers and service providers of doing over-the-air mobile repairs and upgrades. Bitfone’s mProve agent was deployed in over 300,000,000 phones. Samson is the inventor of 22 granted patents in the fields of Internet technology, wireless technology, and Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) technology.





Hardware is hard. Startup founders with a software background may experience tremendous unexpected challenges when making hardware products. It is easy that a dream is turned into a nightmare. Unlike software development, hardware development requires a lot more variable phases with discipline. Though there are plenty of hardware component manufacturers in Taiwan. In fact, it is quite a challenge to manage the supply chain well. This seminar will explain how a software engineer can make hardware products.

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