5/15(Friday)Special Topic Lecture(Seminar):IEEE Xplore Platform education and training

5/15 Friday Special Topic Speech

Location: Science Engineering Building II (csie building), B305(computer classroom)

Time: 13:30pm~15:00pm

Today’s Speaker: Sylvia Cheng ( the representative  of IEL in TAIWAN)

IEL Online:

IEL (IEEE / IET Electronic Library) is an electronic full-text information system for the publications of IEEE-the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and IET-The Institution of Engineering and Technology, including IEEE and IET have published journals, conference papers, and technical standards (excluding draft standards) since 1988. There are currently more than 3.5 million documents, with an average of 15,000 articles updated weekly. Consistent on the paper, including the reader’s letter, submission instructions and all charts and photos.

IEEE is committed to academic exchanges in the field of electronic motors, and also attaches great importance to the enhancement of the function of the IEEE Xplore platform, hoping to continuously improve the quality of information services so that users can quickly search for core documents. Therefore, IEEE Xplore will occasionally make some revisions , Add some practical functions, the opportunity is rare, please come to attend.

1st. round:dept. of CSIE:13:30~15:00,

2nd. round:dept. of EE&OE:15:10~16:40

TopicIEEE Xplore Platform education and training


Session 1: Quality Publishing with IEEE

Introduction to IEEE

Preparation of Manuscript
Submission & Review Process
Author Tools

Session 2: IEEE Xplore

Live demo & New feature highlight

IEEE Open Access
Xplore API, DataPort, etc

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