【Honor】CSIE Asuncion in video to introduce NDHU to the World!

【Honor】CSIE International Bachelor Student Asuncion A. Martinez (馬艾茜,from Belize) was selected by Foundation for International Cooperation in Higher Education of Taiwan (FICHET,財團法人高等教育國際合作基金會) around November 2019, to produce the video regarding her study life in NDHU and in Taiwan.

With the professional team and equipment, this video is currently broadcasting on Taiwan Ministry Of Education “Study in Taiwan” website, Facebook, and the YouTube channel, to introduce NDHU and Taiwan to the World.


In addition:
NDHU Education and Human Potentials Development Ph.D student Al Ardha from (from Indonesia) was selected earlier to produce the similar video, to introduce NDHU and Taiwan to the World.

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