【Volunteers】4/19 CSIE Volunteers help The Mennonite Christian Hospital Elders Outing

Volunteers Needed with Service Learning Hours

The Nursing Home of The Mennonite Christian Hospital is recruiting Volunteers to help on their outing to Li-Yu Lake.

Job:Accompany and Chat with Elders, Help to push wheel chairs on the Li-Yu Lake path.

The Nursing Home Staff will handle the On-and-Off bus tasks (it is the professional work). Our Volunteers just to help push wheel chairs on the path, chat with the elders, laugh with them. That is all.

4/19 = Friday = end of mid-term exam = No Seminar.

Insurance and Volunteer Service Certificate will be provided.

You can meet 13:00 at Nursing Home at Shiu Fung, or meet 14:00 at Li-Yu Lake.

If interested, please register here:

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