【Honor】A successful 2020 NDHU International Culture Night

“International culture night” has become the most exciting feast for foreign students in Dong Hwa. Due to the COVID epidemic raging the world, most of the foreign students do not get the opportunities to reunite with their families back in their home country. Thanks to those professionals who strive in the front line of the pandemic, we are fortunate enough to keep this honorable convention going. By holding the event, we have not only showed out the diversities of our students, but also pacified their nostalgic heart.

This year, we have more than 30 CSIE enthusiasts performing in the event. As one of the hosts, with humor and wit, Adel easily spiced up the party. From Belize to Kyrgyz, from Indonesia to Vietnam, colorful cultures floating in the cheerful atmosphere. Also, in order to shorten the distance between each other, the dance team from NDHU Indigenous Department performed their folk dance exquisitely, which pushed the atmosphere to the climax and ignited everyone’s passion to the peak.

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