【Honor】CSIE Prof. C.N.Yang and Prof. J.R Huang are named World Top 2% SCIENTISTS, 2020!

Stanford University has recently released a list that represents the top 2 per cent of the most-cited scientists in various disciplines.

The report was prepared by a team of experts led by Prof. John Ioannidis, the eminent Professor at the Stanford University.

The database was created by Mendeley, sub-division Elsevier co. to provide updated analyses and a publicly available database of top scientists. The database provides standardized information on citations, h-index, co-authorship-adjusted hm-index, citations to papers in different authorship positions, and a composite indicator.

This recognition of Prof. 楊慶隆 CHING-NUNG YANG and Prof. 黃振榮 CHENN-JUNG HUANG of Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering in the World’s top 2% of Scientists List has placed the University in the global map of excellence in Computer Science researches and has brought great pride to the institute!

Updated databases and code are freely available in Mendeley Database. (https://dx.doi.org/10.17632/btchxktzyw).

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