Important Announcement about the 2022 Fall Registration

The 2022 Fall Semester starts on Sep 12th, 2022 (Monday).

The Registration period is Sep 12th - Sep 14th.

To complete Registration for this semester, you must:

📌 Complete your Online Registration update before Sep 14th.

📌 Pay your tuition fee before Sep 14th.

✅ Then you can get your latest “In-School Status Certificate (在學證明)”


📌 Online Registration (website)

Update your Name, ARC number, Mailing Address, Bank Account, and Emergency Contact each semester.

If your bank account is Post Office account, the Bank Code is 銀行代碼: 7000021 (as saving account), then follow with the 14-digit account number showed on your saving book.


📌 Tuition Fee Payment Sheet (website)

1st field = ARC number

2nd field = Student ID

3rd field = Birthdate (optional)

4th field = Security code

In-School Status Certificate 在學證明

After completing registration, you can download it on e-Portfolio

✏ It takes 3~5 working days for a payment money to be reflected onto school system. So, you must keep the payment receipt. Your updated registration status and payment status are the key factors to turn on your student status/certificate. You need this In-School Status Certificate to renew ARC / Working Permit ..etc..

✏ The default password for an new overseas students, international students, students from China without ARC number, or a new transfer student is the student number plus one zero. (For example, if the student number is 411021999, the default password will be 4110219990.)



If you have special circumstances about completing the tuition fee (for example: cannot pay on time, not back to Taiwan yet, waiting for the scholarship process …etc.), you have 2 options:

  1. Apply for tuition fee Extension
  2. Apply for tuition fee Installment
  • Download the Application Form here.
  • Apply to CSIE department office within the deadline.
  • Deadlines and notes are listed inside the application forms.
  • The request will be reviewed by the Departmental Committee and the School Officers. There is NO guarantee on the result of the request.
  • You cannot apply for both at the same time.
  • Taiwan Government scholarship awardees cannot apply for Extension nor Installment.
  • If you do not pay on time as promised in the Extension or Installment application or do not PAY OFF all your Tuition and Fee Balance by the required day, you WILL be expelled from NDHU.

📌 According to OIA’s scholarship announcement (see here), NDHU scholarship applicants shall complete all the registration processes during the registration period (Sep 12 - Sep 14, 2022).

That means:

  1. Must complete Online Registration before Sep 14.
  2. Must pay tuition fee. (If you apply for installment, you need to complete the 1st of installments before Sep 14.)


NDHU Academic Calendar (click)

Guidelines for the Handling of Delayed Payment of Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees (click)

NDHU Academic Regulation (click)


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