Shuttle Services for 2019 school year freshmen

Dear all,
  For the convenience of the parents and the students attend the dormitory check-in, Dong-Hwa cordially provides shuttle services on Sep 7(Sat), 2019 (Early check-in: from Sep 5(Thu) to6(Fri), 2019)between Hualien Train Station (rear station)、Zhixue Train Staion and the Shou-Feng campus.
The following is how you can make application for shuttles.

I. Application: online application
1. Application time: 08:00 Aug 12(Mon), 2019 to 12:00 Aug 30 (Fri), 2019
2. Boarding date:
(1)Early check-in: from Sep 5(Thu) to6(Fri), 2019.
(2)On the day of check in:Sep 7(Sat), 2019.
3.Signing-up: Choose your preferred time and print the ticket(s) out at the website
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4. Each student can apply for up to 4 tickets. Please present your ticket(s) when aboarding.

II. Time and Place:
【Inbound – Going to Dong-Hua】
1.From Hualien Train Station (rear station): 09:20、09:50、10:20、10:50、11:40、12:50、13:20、14:10、15:20、15:40
2.From Zhixue Train Staion: 09:50、10:20、10:50、11:20、12:10、13:20、13:50、14:40、15:50、16:10
3.Shuttle Route:
Hualien Train Station (rear station) Zhixue Station (if need) Dormitory VIIDormitory VIDormitory V Dormitory IV(if need)
【Leaving Dong-Hua】
1. From the square in front of Dormitory VI: 13:30、14:00、14:30、15:00、15:30、16:00、16:30、17:00、17:30、18:00. The last shuttle will leave at 6 P.M.
2.Shuttle Route: the square in front of Dormitory VI Zhixue Train Staion(if need) Hualien Train Station (Rear Station)
III. Others:
1. All the freshmen and their families can take the shuttles for free. Please arrive at the pick-up stop earlier and present ticket(s) on boarding. Those who do not have tickets must wait for available seats.
2.The map of shuttle route is attached.
3.Any question please contact Mr.Juang (Phone number: 890-6222)

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