Notice on physical fitness test of 107-1 semester

【Notice on physical fitness test】 held by PE Center of of 107-1 semester

Physical Education Center is scheduled to hold physical fitness tests– 50-meter swimming/1600-meter running for male students, 50-meter swimming/800-meter running for female students this 107-1 semester on time schedule as below:

1.The 18th week of semester: Jan. 7, 2019 (Mon) ~ Jan. 11, 2019 (Fri)

For PE class in the morning:
7:10 am- running test, test venue: Track and Field Sports Center
8:00 am- swimming test, test venue: swimming pool

For PE class in the afternoon:
16:10 pm- running test, test venue: Track and Field Sports Center
17:00 pm- swimming test, test venue: swimming pool

Please bring with you your student identity card, repair to the designated venue and check in for the test punctually.

Please note all freshmen, sophomore, junior, senior as well as transfer students of 104(2015) semester (student number foremost 4 digits: 4104) or later must take and pass these physical fitness tests to be qualified for graduation, unless you have earlier passed the tests. Namely, it is a graduation requirement.

If you are not falling into above-mentioned bracket, ie., students of Dong Hwa at this time whose entry semester is before semester year 104(2015), or a transfer student before semester year 104(2015), you could be relieved and disregard this notice, otherwise you must be kept on toes to trace up and check whether or not you have passed these required tests by logging into following website:

Attached please find relative tabled test time/class/ instructor.

If you are not a student who is now attending freshmen’s Physical Education class (PE I) and plan to take these fitness tests, please contact the instructor listed on the attached time table whose class session is what you want to register in for tests.

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