Seminar in English, 10/23(Friday) 14:00-16:00 Lecture 4

Seminar in English,  10/23-14:00-16:00 Lecture 4

Prof. Su, Wen-Yu from Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering, National Cheng-Kung University, will give a seminar talk in English.



Making Makers’ Excalibur



Kids coding and maker movement are now trends all over the world. It is said that early encounter of programming is a good way to establish logical and computational thinkings.


In the past four years, SCREAM Lab. NCKU is working toward building courses for kids programming and tools for makers. In the past two years, we have establish courses in rural areas of Tainan and Chia-Yi counties. One part of this talk is to introduce our education activities.

尖叫實驗室在過去四年一直致力於為孩子們建立自造工具與程式教學課程。過去兩年,我們開始學著怎麼教小孩子寫程式,於是我們展開了在嘉義與台南偏鄉的教學活動。這個演講的前半段在介紹Program the World這個由成功大學資訊工程系的實驗室發起的活動。

The second part of this talk includes our work in hacking the Arduino tools. Arduino has been very popular to makers who don’t have solid EE/CS backgrounds. Users include mechanical engineers, artists, industrial designers and kids, of course. However, there are so many restrictions of using Arduino and one might have to buy many pieces of Arduino boards for different projects. In this talk, we present how we modified the Arduino toolchain and developed a FPGA board that is Arduino compatible.
An additional tool, called URprocessor, which allows people to easily construct their own microprocessor is also demonstrated.

接著,我想介紹如何改造Arduino工具。一直以來, Arduino都是自造者所喜愛的工具,即使沒有堅強的電機資訊背景也可以使用,所以使用者甚至包含藝術創作者,當然還有國中國小的孩子。

不過 Arduino有一些限制,使用起來有時不方便。有時必須為了不同計畫買很多不同的電路板。在這個演講,介紹我們如何變更Arduino的工具鍊,同時我們也開發了一片可以與 Arduino相容的FPGA板。除內建九軸感測器,多通道ADC與更大的記憶體空間外,使用者可以任意變更周邊腳位的功能,因為接腳甚多,對於一般的Maker Project應該很足夠。同時,為了讓 Arduino的功能更強大,更符合使用者的需要,我們開發了URprocessor線上工具,在一定的框架上,讓人們可以輕易且自由的打造自己想要用的為處理器。

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