Time to Register for 104.12 TOEIC & TOEFL-ITP English Proficiency exam with discount!

All NDHU undergraduate students and CSIE graduate students must fulfill the English Proficiency Requirement.
Please take each exam opportunity.

Type: TOEIC and TOEFL-ITP 2 different exams
Exam Date: 104.12.19
Registration Period: 2015.10.12~11.17
Registration Website: https://www.examservice.com.tw/Home/preindex?setStoreID=B6133
Must use this link to receive the discount.

Must know:
1.Must request an account and upload a self-portrait photo.
2.Must pay the registration fee within 2 days, otherwise application will be cancelled.
3.Ensure the name and the type of exam
4.No refund.
5.You may check the exam result after 5 business days, at here https://www.examservice.com.tw/TicketQuiry/OpenExamInquiry
6.Any question, please ask NDHU Language Center or TOEIC Custom Service Center (02-2701-7333) http://www.toeic.com.tw/

NDHU English Proficiency Requirement for undergraduate students: http://www.lc.ndhu.edu.tw/files/11-1063-11640.php
CSIE English Proficiency Requirement for graduate students: http://www.csie.ndhu.edu.tw/csieweb/en/node/948

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