Used Bicycle for auction on campus

Used bicycle for auction on campus


一、Time: 2015/03/27, 13:30~16:00

二、Location: Main Gate of  NDHU Campus


  1. Remember to bring your Student Card or Certificate to prove your student or faculty in NDHU.
  2. You can choose which bicycle you want. Starting bid is NT100, and goes up by NT50 increments: NT150, then NT200, etc. The leader will sell the bike to the highest bidder.
  3. After the auction, the leader will give you a referrence or a serial number of your bike.   You have to pay for it at the day.
  4. You have to finish all procedures before 16:10pm.  Campus will not take any reponsibility for the bike.
  1. Remember to apply a new bicycle sticker for your bike in Administration Building

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