2019 Spring CPE Exam Enhancement Camp, This week continue!

2019 Spring CPE Exam Enhancement Camp

This week, 3/20 (Wednesday), 3/21 (Thursday) 6pm~9pm Continues, last chance before the CPE exam~
If you forgot to apply, welcome to register now!

Department of CSIE is offering the FREE CPE Exam Enhancement Camp on Wednesday and Thursday nights. If you WANT TO PASS CPE Exam, MUST REGISTER! We will practice 2 times a week, you don’t want to miss any of them.

Skill to pass Program Proficiency Exam / CPE exam
Every Wednesday and Thursday night 6pm ~ 9pm
Register Fee:200 NT,if you pass at least 1 CPE question, the money will return back to you.
Only 40 seats, master students and 3rd/4th-year students have priority.

Do Not Pass This Great Opportunity!

First Class:2018.03.13
Class Room : D301

Class will be in Chinese with Key points in English.
Practice questions will be in English as the same as in the CPE exam.


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