【Sign up】for 2019 National Dong Hwa University Commencement.

Dear All~~~

Whether you are going to graduate now, or later, or just experience the graduation atmosphere, LOOK HERE!

You may participate 2 related events on 2019/06/02 (Sunday) 12:30 ~ 17:40pm

1. College/Departmental “Tassel Shift” ceremony:get the gift from CSIE office AND “Turn the Tassel by the Chairman”. Time and Place will be announced by CSIE Office later.

2. NDHU Commencement: Celebrate your graduation with entire NDHU students, Special Awards, lucky drawings, transpiration provided, and many more details here https://osa.ndhu.edu.tw/files/13-1007-139236-1.php?Lang=zh-tw NDHU Commencement Must Register in Advance before 2019.05.20 !! https://sys.ndhu.edu.tw/SA/XSL_ApplyRWD/ActAnnounce.aspx?ActID=2377

If you need to borrow Graduation Cap and Gowns and Accessorizes, please come ask Department Office.

Dept of CSIE

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