Build an App, Win Big Prize (Hsuehshan Tunnel Transformer)

The Institute for Information Industry of Taiwan (III of Taiwan 資策會) and Ford Auto (福特汽車) are committed to making travel in and around the Hsuehshan Tunnel better. They are calling for proposal to build new apps to help drivers avoid congestion and improve traffic flow in the tunnel. If you are good at Big-Data, Information Science, Applied Math, Open Data, Statistic Analysis…. areas, are encouraged to submit your proposals (with BIG AWARDS!)

You may participate as a single person or form a team. Start getting ideas now!

Please read the details below:

1. Description and Registration: (English Version) (Chinese Version)

2.Deadline to submit the proposal: 2015.11.19.

3.Prize: As high as $30,000 US Dollars.

4.News Press:

Any Questions, Please contact:

III of Taiwan: Mr. Sam Chiang,,02-6607-2885
For Auto of Taiwan: Miss Su,, 03-453-0693,0920-308-895



江立仁 謹上

車載資通訊產業推動辦公室 (TPO)
電話: +886-2-6607-2885
傳真: +886-2-6607-3507
地址: 105 台北市松山區民生東路四段133號7樓

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