Important Announce on 2022.04.14

Dear All,

As high rising confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Hualien, and more and more confirmed cases in Dong Hwa, below are important information that I request all CSIE International students to know:

0. Yes, there are many news and precautious announcements, most of them are in Chinese. Therefore, Dept of CSIE needs your helps to translate and to spread them. Everybody can help here!

1. Be aware of your health condition. Don’t be shy. If you are worry, you may buy the Rapid Test Kit from any convenient stores (Family Mart, 7-11, …etc.) or pharmacy to check.

Rapid Testing is being conducted at Mennonite Hospital, Renai (仁愛樓) Building this week. From 11 to 15 April (Monday to Friday) the times are 0900-1500; the times on Saturday and Sunday (16/17 April) are 1200-1800.

1-1. Epidemic prevention plan for NDHU: Information from release of epidemic prevention plan for NDHU, what to do if you have symptoms for on and off-campus students, Section,

Those with irregular body temperature should immediately report to the school via this website:

During working hours call this number if you have suspected symptoms: 03-8906253

During after hours please call this number if you have suspected symptoms: 0937295995

Please call this number for Hualien County 24-hour anti-epidemic line: 03-8226975.

The Hualien County Epidemic Prevention line: 110, 1922
The Hualien County Healthcare line: 03-8225178

If you have a fever or suspected symptoms, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible; if you have no symptoms and only have a suspected overlapping footprint with the confirmed person and receive a text message notification, you can go to the administrator room to apply for quick screening test and perform quick screening by yourself. If the test results positive, please seek medical treatment immediately and report to the school online.

2. Be aware of scammed call. If you receive a call, saying that you may be have the same footprints of the confirmed case (which you were not sure yet), and the caller starts to ask your personal information, your fullname, your ARC, your birthdate, your everything…. STOP! DON’T REVEAL! You should ask the caller’s name, his/her organization, his/her office number, and call Police Hot Line 165 (just dial 165 from any phone) to confirm if this is a real thing.

3. Be aware of your daily footprints. Thanks to NDHU Ph.D Student Alexander Haynes, he spends a lot of time to translate the Chinese news and to update the Google Map of Hualien Confirmed Cases for NDHU International Students each day. Here is his work, that you should click and see each day.

If you have the same footprints as the confirmed cases, or if you receive a SMS message or a call asking you to take the PCR test, please follow the instruction and take the test. Or ask nurse of NDHU Health Center to assist you.

4. Be aware of your surroundings. If you notice someone does not follow the COVID-19 Prevention Measures, don’t hesitate to correct him/her. The best way to protect yourself is to wash your hand before eating, change new fresh mask each day, keep social distance, don’t cluster.

4-1. Relevant epidemic prevention measures of NDHU student dormitory:

4-2 Due to a lack of centralized quarantine care facilities for COVID-19 patients in Hualien, they will soon be moving to at home COVID-19 care for mild or asymptomatic patients with vaccination. Routine telemedicine calls will be a part of the plan to ensure patients stay do not develop additional symptoms.

5. Whether to take vaccine or not. You must consult with your parents, consult with your doctor back home or in Taiwan, make your own research on whether you can or can not take vaccine shot, make your own research on which brand/type of vaccine shot that has minimum reaction to you. It is your body to take the consequence. Never be influenced by other people, even your best friend, roommate, classmate, countrymen, …etc.

If you are looking for vaccine shot, you may go to any local clinic from this map – please call ahead for booking times, or if the clinic is walk-in:

6. Contact Tracing. There is a CECC’s social distancing app. You can download at the following links: Android Version or Apple Version. Multiple languages are available and instructions are in app. You will be notified if you are within a certain perimeter of someone infected — this can give you a heads up if you need testing or if you should isolate!

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