【Honor】Times Higher Education, 2019 Comp. Sci. Outstanding Academic Performance

Based in England, The Times Higher Education announced its 2019 World Ranking of Academic Performance in the field of Engineering Technology and Computer Science. National Dong Hwa University ranked as 554th(6th in Taiwan)in Engineering Technology and 463th(7th in Taiwan)in Computer Science. These outstanding performances in the world-renowned university ranks demonstrate NDHU and the Dept of CSIE’s determination and effort to pursue excellence.

Among the 5 indicative categories of the Computer Science subject–Teaching, Research, International Outlook, Industry Income, and Citations, the overall score for NDHU and Dept of CSIE was 28.87, ranked as 7th high in Taiwan. The Citations Influence scored 52.60, ranked as 2nd high in Taiwan, just next to National Taiwan University of Science and Technology’s (NTUST, 國立臺灣科技大學) 53.60.

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