NDHU Library – Summer vacation’s preferential loan period

Dear Faculty Members and Students:

We provide “summer vacation’s preferential loan period” program to encourage you to make the best use of library resources!

Preferential loan period.
A. Offering date: For the books borrowed from Jun. 13th, 2016 (Mon), the due date shall be Sep. 14th, 2016(Wed).
B. Clients: All faculty members, staffs, and students of NDHU.
C. Available resources: Eastern and Western language books, and interlibrary cards
D. Please notice:
i. Original due date remains unchanged for the materials borrowed before Jun. 13th, 2016 (Mon). Please return books on time or renew them to avoid overdue fines.

ii. Except the available resources mentioned above, others ( like audio-visual materials, children’s books, elementary school textbooks, overnight reference books, etc.) are not included in this preferential loan period. Their original loan period and due dates remain unchanged. So, please return them on time to avoid overdue fines.

iii. Reservation service is still available. If you are unable to check out the book on time, please cancel it on-line before the system notice you.

iv. Before going to your hometown or abroad, please check the due dates and your reservation status on-line in order to avoid overdue fines.

Library and Information Center
National Dong Hwa University

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