【News】2021 Fall CSIE World Tour Continues

Following the Big Success of 「2021 CSIE WORLD TOUR」 Events in 2021 March, April, and May, the Department of CSIE continues to organize more events in 2021 December.

On December 10, We organize Music and Dance show features eSwatini, Belize, Honduras, and Guatemala. Students prepared the powerpoint slides to explain the histroy, the culture, the componser’s lives to the audiences. Followed by the exotic Sibhaca – eSwatini Worrier’s Dance, Belizean Garfuna Dance, popular Honduran song, and Guatemala poem.

On Decmeber 24, We organize the Latin and Carribean Christmas Food Experience. Immersed in the Christmas songs and decramation, students had great experience of Latin and Carribean Christmas Food.

From the reactions and the feedbacks, students agreed that attending in these activities helped to broaden their knowledge, strengthen the international outlook, and are willing to respect, to appreciate, even to further explore into diffident cultures.

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