Class Selection At End Of Semester(First Pick)

Time : nearly final exam (before it),detail time can be checked on Calendar.

***Notice : Please pay attention on time .students who choose no class during course selecting time can’t participate Adding and Dropping At First Semester(Second Pick) ,and need to write the <sheet>then you can course selection at time of Self-Service Course Selection .

1.Finish the Questionnaire during hours of opening of system.(Important!!)

2.Back to Course selection system ,enter Student ID,Select Course Password(Default password is ID no.) to login,then you can select course.

***Notice : Please check your timetable after time of freshman course selection.You may be out of some courses because of the rule of freshman first.

***First pick confirmation sheet will sometimes lauch by department office (check on department web announcement) ,this sheet  did not need to hand in or pickup.

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