106-2 Programming Enhancement Camp(This Sunday 5/27 is the last class before Exam!)

This Sunday 5/27 morning,is the last class for the CPE exam enhancement.  Please catch it!

106-2 Programming Enhancement Camp

The CPE Problem-Solving Capability Enhancement Camp will be re-opened. The lecturer will be served by the  Ph.D. student Yang Shun-Bo.

※※Per Lecturer’s request: if less than 10 students attend the class, this enhancement will be cancelled !

This class will focus on those who have not passed the CPE exam – we will first introduce the program environment, the system operations, and the meaning of the error message,… etc. Then, we will teach you how to solve the problem, with 2~3 question types. The final goal is the Skill to pass Program Proficiency Exam / CPE exam

The class is FREE!
Do Not Pass This Great Opportunity!

第一次上課時間 / First Class:2018.05.20
地     點 / Class Room : B305
Time  :Every Sunday Morning, 9am ~ 12noon


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