107-1 Confirming and Adding Courses(2018/9/25 08:00~10/1 23:59)

1.After Add/Drop Period has ended, the school will send a notice to each student to go to the【Online Course Selection System】to confirm the final selection of your courses。

2.The period for course-adding is form 9/25 08:00 to 10/1 23:59, please go to the class and ask teacher or TA to give you QR code.

3.Using your mobile phone (or tablet) download a QR code scanner app and scan the QR code or Use a computer to log in to the Course Selection System and enter the code  number below the QR code.

Teacher has his right to decide whether or not to add more students into his class.
NO MORE adding classes are allowed after Monday 10/1 23:59 pm

4.The maximum credit load per semester is 24 credits with the exception of Physical Education、Service Learning and Military Training.


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