【Conference】2018.06.11~12 International Conference on Applied Sciences

There is a mini-size conference this week — 2018 International Conference on Applied Sciences Program (11-12 June, 2018 ), the scholars come from S. Korea, India, Vietnam,and Taiwan。See Schedule for detail http://www.ndhuallen.org/program 。 This is a Free event, welcome everyone to attend.

If you are free Tuesday afternoon (6/12), WE NEED YOUR ATTENDANCES TO SUPPORT the Talk Session, given by Prof. CN Yang、Prof. SJ Shi-Jim Yen 、and Scholars from Vietnam -Prof. Nghiem、Prof. Hoang 、Prof. Nguyen.

If you register before 12:00 midnight tonight, You will receive the bread box at 5pm https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdxtiMPkpYw3Dny-dhDlLPJaRcRgOkOCup3zcIY0RGv6kwJ8A/viewform

Date:2018.06.12 14:00~17:00
Place:Science Building I, Lecture Hall (III)

Invitation from Dept of CSIE

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