|| 2021 Fall Special Topic Lecture ||-11/05(Fri) Prof.Hong Zhao, Fairleigh Dickinson University(online)

Topic:Providing Physical Layer Security for IoTs in the Last Mile

Speaker:Hong Zhao, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Fairleigh Dickinson University

Abstract:Communication security is one of the top security challenges for connected devices, especially for physical devices connected through wireless access networks. Wireless links, often as the last mile, use un-guided medium as communication channels, and therefore gathering wireless data transmission is easier when compared to traditional cable systems. Wireless communication is thus prone to security vulnerabilities from the very beginning. At the same time, parts of device hardware are designed for use by everyone, which gives potential attackers physical access to the system. Most current wireless access networks apply conventional cryptographic approaches implemented on upper-layer operations to provide confidentiality/authentication/data integrity. This generally requires high computational platform and managing secrets, which may not exist in all IoT devices. In this talk, physical layer security is addressed at waveform level by applying chaos theory. The cost effective features include the simplicity of communication setup, the low power-consuming devices to generate and control chaotic signals, and no need of using complicated and energy consuming devices to avoid nonlinearities. The sensitivity to initial condition and complex dynamic feature make it a promising approach for physical layer security.

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