2020/01/04-Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering, NDHU PPP Exam Answering Instructions (Must read befor the Exam! )

1. Department of CSIE provides CODE BLOCK as C / C ++ development tool and
uses “Online Judge” system to evaluate the answers. Your programs must
comply with the standards of GNU C or C ++, including the syntax and the
used libraries. The online judge will reject any program not complying with the
required standards.

2. As required by the online judge, each program, including all subprogram files
(*.c/*.cpp) and header files (*.h), must be self-contained inside one single
program file (*.c / *.cpp). Separation compilation does not work under the
online judge. Each program's main() function must return 0 before the end of
its execution.

3. All inputs/outputs must be through the standard input/output streams (such
as cin, scanf, sscanf, cout, printf). The formats of all outputs must stick strictly
to the problem instructions to pass the evaluation of the online judge.

4. Never copy or plagiarize others’ answers nor provide answers for others to
copy or plagiarize. Violated students will be disqualified, and will be punished
by School’s rules and regulations.

5. All kinds of communication and storage devices are prohibited inside the
exam room. You can temporarily leave the exam room to go for a wash if
necessary. However, talking with others and message exchanging are forbidden
during your temporary leave.

Register your account in the upper right. You can practice the questions in it.


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