Welcome to study Computer Science with National Dong Hwa University in Taiwan!

Welcome to study Computer Science with National Dong Hwa University in Taiwan!

Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering of National Dong Hwa University in Taiwan (Dept of CSIE, NDHU, Taiwan) offers English-Taught Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D degree Programs for international students. Currently, there are 120+ international students from 23 countries studying in this department alone, and over 1000+ international students from 50+ countries on campus.

This year, TaiwanICDF Scholarship offers “International Bachelor Program in Computer Science and Information Engineering” to applicants from citizens of allied countries of ROC(Taiwan). This is the only Computer Science related bachelor program from this Scholarship!

Besides the TaiwanICDF Scholarship, many Taiwan MOFA, Taiwan MOE, Taiwan NewSouth scholarship awardees choose this department as their 1st choice to study Computer Science & Information Engineering major.

Dept of CSIE in NDHU emphasis both researches and hands-on experiences, with the high quality of professors’ performances and the great overall output. In England-based “Times Higher Education World University Ranking” of 2021, NDHU ranks 10th in Taiwan, 201th in Asia, 801~1000th in the World, and Dept. of CSIE ranks 5th in Taiwan, 300~400th in the World of the Computer Science field! We are also very proud of the poetic campus, the superior living environment, and the delicate assistance offer for our students.

In addition, NDHU has Chinese Language Center on campus, which can accept Taiwan MOFA/MOE scholarship awardees and any international students for Chinese Language Requirement. We have intensive Chinese language classes, which can make students to pass Level-2 even Level-3 TOCFL exam requirement within 1 year.

To know more about Department of CSIE and NDHU:
1. Taiwan ICDF Scholarship: https://www.csie.ndhu.edu.tw/en/category/icdf_scholarship-en/
2. Introduction of CSIE: https://www.csie.ndhu.edu.tw/en/futurestudent-en/advantages-en/intro_of_ndhu_csie/
3. NDHU Chinese Language Center: https://clc.ndhu.edu.tw/
4. NDHU Office of International Affairs: https://oia.ndhu.edu.tw/intl-student/campus-information/intl-admissions

National Dong Hwa University and Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering are now accepting 2021 Fall Admission Applications. The due date is March 31, 2021 to be eligible for the TaiwanICDF, MOFA, MOE, and other scholarships consideration. Please take action NOW !

Please Note:
1. NDHU NEVER authorize any agencies or study centers to deal with application and admission.
2. NDHU will NOT charge any application fees.

Contact Information:
Miss Gena Wu
Project Manager and International Student Counselor
Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan, ROC

Introduction of CSIE

★CSIE Student Testimony:

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